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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

ERWA - Erotic Romance Writers Association

Erotic Romance Writers Association:

"We're a non-profit association of published and non-published professional writers, dedicated to promoting the highest standards in the erotic romance genre.

We believe erotic romance, and those associated with the genre (ie.publishers, cover artists) merit the recognition and acceptancecurrently provided to other established romance genres, without censorhip.

We shall seek to encourage and advance the erotic romance genre, by providing advocacy, leadership, and educational opportunities -- both within the organization and to the general public at large."

I joined this group a couple of weeks ago and wanted to put out the call to others who might read my writing journal. We are in the preliminary stages now of setting this organization up, so input from fellow erotic romance writers, editors, publishers, cover artists, etc. is greatly appreciated. Please join us and help us to build this organization.

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