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Saturday, September 10, 2005

A Big Announcement Coming Soon

Check back within the next few weeks because Angeleque will have a big announcement soon.

Update and Explanation

You may be wondering where I've been. Of course, you may not be wondering too.

But here's the scoop:

I've been writing. And getting organized.

Busy submitting and querying. I did enter the Harlequin Blazing Summer Contest but only with one entry not the original three. I still have the other two plotted and planned though.

Submitted a couple of queries to agents.

Working on my Harlequin Epic, Spice and a AA romance which I hope to submit to either BET, the new AA line at Harlequin or Kensington (when I get that agent).

A Busy September

Hey everyone,

Be sure to check out these wonderful and educational activities for the month of September over at Romance Divas.

September Activities

Chat with Dorcester Sr. Editor, Chris Keeslar on Sept. 15th 9PM EST

Don't miss this chat. It's sure to be a fun and informative time!

Free Workshop with Author Of The Month Candace Havens:

Candace Havens presents Fast Draft: How to write your first draft in two weeks. Really.

Week of September 18th, 2005

Fast Draft is way to get through the terror of the first draft in a fast and efficient manner. Why draw it out over several months, when you can have a first draft in just two weeks? Using creative techniques you’ll learn how to write more pages a day than you ever thought possible. This class works for new writers as well as seasoned professionals, and allows writers to flesh out a story fast to see if it will work.

Q & A with Deidre Knight:

During the week of Sept 18th, Super Agent Deidre Knight will be answering questions in a special section of the forum aptly titled, "Ask Deidre". Don't miss this opportunity to get those questions answer and get to know this fabulous woman!

Find out more: The Knight Agency or The Knight Agency Blog

See you online!