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Monday, June 06, 2005

Caught in the Storm

Another one to run up the flag pole. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

This was inspired by the rain storm last night --

Casual sex with strangers wasn't Miranda Garvey's style.

Miranda sauntered into Meridian's Nightclub dressed in a cinnamon colored wrapped dressed which accentuated her full figure and now slimmer waistline. She wore an exact match cinnamon open-toed stilleto.

She couldn't have timed her entrance any better if she had actually planned it. She stepped through the thick glass door seperating the front from the inner sanctum of the club, just as the music stopped. Immediately, she scanned the club looking for her prey for the evening and she found him, across the room, looking her directly in the eyes.

Her breath caught in her throat as the music began and the chocolate adonis made his way towards her. Having never done this before and not wanting to seem to open or to desperated, Miranda went to stand by the bar. She attempted to get the bartendars attention but they were focused at the other end of the long mahongoney bar, away from her.

"What are you drinking?" the chocolate adonis asked. He sounded, she imagined, like molasses would if it could speak. Thick, rich, and making the hairs on her neck stand up.


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