Sensual Energies

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Is it February Already?

I've been busy writing.

And now I'm re-working cause halfway through plotting and doing my outline for my new WIP - The Best Revenge which is a multi-cultural, erotic romance - I'm having to rework the WIP because of my uncooperative hero.

He doesn't like one of the conflicts and now I have to find a way to re-write it with new twists and turn to keep it exciting and hopefully still be a page turner. Okay, so I was plotting and realized that the middle half and end part of the outline the hero was inconsistent and his character arc was lopsided.

The problem is coming up with a new plot and new conflicts and twists since the one I had to remove was a major one.

It's good that I'm attempting to be more organized and focusing on my writing because my goal is to be published again by 2007.

I have four WIPs that I will be focusing on this year.

The Best Revenge -- An Erotic Romance (80000 words)
Untitled -- Erotic Fiction with some romantic elements (90000 words)
Someone to Share It With -- Sensual, Multi-Cultural Romance (85000 words)
Untitled -- Paranormal African American Chick Lit with romantic elements

I also have plans to get back to my chick lit manuscripts on more of a regular basis.
On the backburner is my fantasy/parnormal sensual novel.

-"So many Ideas so little time"