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Friday, December 16, 2005

What kind of writer are you?

You're a Plot writer!

What kind of writer are you?
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A Day Off

It's my day off and what am I going to do.

Write, Read and Sleep.

Not necessarily in that order.

I've already plotted one novella and working on another.
I haven't had a day off, a whole day with nothing to do but what I want in so long
I don't know how to act.

Off for more Writing, Reading and Sleeping.

What's YOUR Writing Style?

You are a romantic writer. You're ALWAYS writing
about some significant other--about lacking
one, about wanting one, about having one, about
being with one--it doesn't matter. If it
involves even a tiny ounce of love, you're
there! Much into the works of Christina
Rossetti and the works of Alfred Tennyson, you
are a bit of a classical writer as well....but,
for the sake of all things cheesy, you're more
of a hopeless romantic than a classical writer.
You write whatever comes to mind--which usually
involves a significant other. ^^; Oh well. If
literary geniuses don't do it, who will, right?

What's YOUR Writing Style?
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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Review - Diary of a Love - Coffee Time Romance

Another good review has come in for Diary of a Love.

This time it is from Coffee Time Romance.

Ms. Santiago has given us an afternoon delight on what it takes for a relationship to endure, remembering the good times when the bad times overwhelm us. The characters and the situation was believable, as well as the emotional ups and downs. I look forward to seeing more of this author’s work.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books

3 cups

Read the full review here.

Review - Diary of a Love - Romance Divas

My first review is in for Diary of a Love.

Diary of Love is an erotic love story that is in a league of its own! The characters and plot were surprisingly well developed for such a short novel. There is nothing hotter than a sexy musician or the woman who loves him. Angeleque Santiago is an awesome storyteller. Diary of Love is a must read! I will be recommending this to all my friends.

5 kisses

Reviewed by: Diamond Taylor
Reviewed for:

Read the full review here.

The Email

Here's another article which was published by Romance Diva's for the Blog.


“We’d officially like to aquire…”

When I first read those words, I was shocked. For years I’ve known I could write, wanted to write, wanted to be a published author.

How did it happen?

I originally wrote a story for a contest, small 300 word piece. I didn’t win in the contest but was encouraged to submit it to publishers. I was undecided and scared, what if they hated it and called me a no talent hack. What if no one wanted to publish it.

Then I thought, what if someone did...

No Matter What Just Keep On Writing

My new article on the Romance Diva's Blog is now up.
It was published under my other Pen Name - Jayna Gardner.


Every day we are faced with challenges, dilemmas, situations and LIFE.

It has a way of getting in the way and interrupting a good time and our regularly scheduled routines. One day you’re going along and BAM – lifetus interruptus. Yes, that’s a made up word but I’m a writer and I’m using a bit of creative license here.

As a writer I battle almost daily with page counts, word counts and sleeping versus writing. I’ve learned through lifetus interruptus that I can exist, survive on 3 hours sleep a day. There are also other factors to consider....