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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Ignorance is Bliss

Okay here's a post from my personal blog - I'm moving it here cause it's writing related/relevant:

why oh why must there be idiots in this world?

I'm a writer. And if I hear the words, "Not black enough." or "Need to inject more realism" into my manuscript or into a friends manuscript or even an established author's book ---- I will scream.

One of my completed multi-cultural manuscripts, which I let my critique partner read. And really, it's no problem (she does what she does. helps me out. debates certain issues of the story).

I like that. but then we got on the topic of job choice for characters.

Because a third member of the group, a non-writer - strictly a proofreader and continuity checker says --- "aren't you afraid of making them too Huxtable-ly".

Now I know what she means and I pointed out that Huxtable-ly is not a word but I also pointed out that there are black doctors, lawyers, rocket sciencist, engineers, etc. Then she wanted to add more "flavor, ethnicity" to the story - perk it up some. well i thought the story was/is perky.

and I don't write "perky".

--- Sidebar: Can someone define perky for me? In reference to writing? Cause truthfully I don't get it. -Okay back to the rant/ramble: ---

Of course, I'm curious, have a way too overactive imagination and I've been told I think too much, so of course, me being me, wondered if she meant making them gangstas, drug dealers, unwed teenage mothers, drug addicted, poor, living in the ghetto, etc. So I asked if she was hinting or trying to infer that it wasn't "black" enough. Which I totally hate and really really pisses me off. Why do my characters have to smoke marijuanna, roll their eyes and necks with their hands on their hips wearing 4 inch blood red nails and 5 inch heels?

Answer - they don't. but it just really frustrate me that someone would say/imply/think that.


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