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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Right Now

What would I be doing today if I wasn't at work?

Well since today was a hot one in the good "ole derrty Dee" also known as Detroit. I would have been enjoying the sunshine and spending time with my friends either at Belle Isle or walking around downtown.

But I'm at work so I did get to finish one book, Solid Soul by Brenda Jackson, on my to be read list and started another, Again by Sharon Cullars. So the day hasn't been wasted because I was able to read during my off-peak times.

I did a bit of writing, but it's hard to write at work with people coming to ask questions and all the inquisitive (read NOSY) people I work with. Not many know I'm a writer, or a writer of erotic romance.

The place I work is very conservative and it's easier and safer (for my job) that they don't know.

The bad thing is that I work tomorrow also. So I should have another book finished.


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